Nike Hercules Missile Batteries
In The
Washington-Baltimore Defense Area

Between 1964 and the early 1970's, there were 9 Nike Hercules Batteries in the Washington-Baltimore Defense area. These Nike Batteries consisted of 4 Regular Army Batteries, 5 National Guard Batteries and the Head Quarters for the 4th Missile Bn, 1st Arty and the AADCP Head Quarters. Prior to that period, there were a total of 18 Sites plus the Head Quarters and the AADCP Head Quarters.

ABAR FPS Definitions

The Regular Army Nike Batteries were;
BA-18 (C-4-1) - Edgewood Arsenal, Maryland (ABAR FPS/75 with 3 pits)
BA-30/31 (D-4-1) - Tolchester Beach, Maryland (HIPAR with 3 pits)
W-25 (B-4-1) - Davidsonville, Maryland (HIPAR with 2 pits)
W-92 (A-4-1) - Rockville, Maryland (HIPAR with 3 pits)

The National Guard Nike Batteries were;
BA-03 (D-1-70) - Phoenix, Maryland (HIPAR 2 pits)
BA-79 (B-1-70) - Granite, Maryland (ABAR FPS/71 3 pits FPA/16)<
W-26 (A-4-70) - Annapolis, Maryland (ABAR FPS/75 3 pits)
W-44 (C-1-70) - Woldorf, Maryland (ABAR FPS/71 2 pits FPA/16)
W-64 (A-4-111) - Lorton, Virginia (HIPAR 3 pits)

Head Quarters AADCP
W-13 (HQ 35 BDE) (HQ 17 GP) TSQ 51 FPS/67 2-FPS/6 - Fort Meade, Maryland

Head Quarters 4th Missile Bn, 1st Arty
BA-14 (HQ-4-1) - Head Quarter at Edgewood Arsenal, Marland (No Equipment)

AADCP (pronounced "ad'cap") is an acronym that stands for Army Air Defense Command Post. The purpose of the AADCP is to provide command and control of the air defense artillery (ADA) fire units assigned to it. This involves coordinating the defense by assigning individual targets to the fire units. Other duties include serving as a communications center for disseminating and deciphering encrypted messages between higher command echelons and the batteries, and coordinating with Air Force and NORAD assets.