S.S. Hobbs Victory Ship #599
Transportation Officers Report

The Ship's Transportation Officer on the S.S. Hobbs Victory described the attack:

I was on the boat deck when I noticed an enemy plane coming in fast about 25 feet above the water. It made a beeline for an LST to our aft, and although all the ships were pouring up sheets of flak, no effective hits were scored. The plane smashed into the LST and instantly sheets of flame shot up. The casualties must have been heavy because I did not see any lifeboats launched or men go over the side.

We go radio orders to move out of the area, and we had gone only a short distance when another plane appeared. It was shot down by one of our guns before it reached the S.S. Pierre Victory ahead of us.

Ten minutes later another Jap plane crashed into the S.S. Logan Victory and the superstructure burst into flames. Lifeboats were lowered and the crew abandoned ship.

By this time we were approximately 2,000 yards offshore. I was amidships when another plane crashed into our ship and plummeted almost entirely through the superstructure and disabled our power plant so we could not man the water pumps.

Three wounded men were placed in the first lifeboat and two others were able to climb in. About 26 men in all went over the side in the first lifeboat, and 28 left the ship in the second boat. I believe men in the engine room perished because their escape was blocked by the flames.

We floated around in the dark for about 30 minutes before a minesweeper picked us up.